Start-up Journal 08 | Keep things organised

I opened my start-up project file today and got overwhelmed by the amount of documents. It took less than 2 months that documents piled up and crowded my folder. I then organised them into different business sector and here’s a list you can take away.

  • Company structure. E.g. paper works of parent company and subsidiary companies
  • Banking & finance
  • Investment pitch
  • Production
  • Manufacturer
  • Logistics
  • Operation
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Public relation
  • Overseas markets

A reference for file name: (subject)_people in charge_date e.g. “logo design_Racheal_17022022”
A reference for document format:
Header: three columns- logo(left) subject(middle) date(right)
Footer: page number

Besides organising the documents in your computer, I personally find mind mapping very helpful. Before a week start, I will map out the progress of tasks in every link of the operation. This not only help me to see the big picture more clearly but also help me better communicate with my team.

This week has been super busy, or productive (?), and therefore I did blog a lot. Hope this post is helpful to you. And good luck to your adventure.

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