Start-up Journal 07 | Happy Valentine’s Day… or Not

Happy is a strong emotion.

Your heart is all bubbled-up. The corner of your mouth couldn’t help but being pulled by invisible strings to curve into a smile, so long that your muscle fixated. You carry a bunch of roses that is larger than your head across the crowed street with that goofy smile on you face. But you don’t mind at all. God dame it, the stupid love!

I cursed under my breath, but couldn’t stop myself from smiling. I love the romance in the air on this special day. And yet, my first Valentine’s present came from IP Australia – rejection of the trade mark I submitted last Friday. I am impressed by their productivity, to be honest. Changes need to be done within two work days and an extra fee is required. Despite the obvious fact that reality disrupted romance, I pour some more champagne, put on some music, indulge myself with chocolate, and reluctantly look away from the window to return to my iPad…

To my fellow entrepreneurs, I am here to invite you to pop yourself a Veuve Clicquot and celebrate being young and being alive. (Yes, I stole it from the Holiday.)


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