Learner Manifesto

Learn New Things With Me

You are not alone on the journey of exploring new territories – be it a new language, a new experience or a new role.


We’ve seen from time to time the success stories being shared as passed events, e.g. A started the unicorn company from the garage, B speaks 6 different languages, but seldom some on-going projects. They are exhilarating to read the first couple of times, however, when we are ready to get our hands dirty, problems emerge and we need the down-to-earth real-time solutions that those stories often omitted.

I started this blog to document the problems I encountered and the solutions that I tried during different stages of learning new things. I hope this blog can provide you with a fresh angle of learning, if you are trying to explore the same thing with me too, so that you don’t need to feel that it’s only you and Google against the world like I started my learning journey.

A little history about me- a Chinese who lives in Sydney, enjoys learning, prefer life experiences rather than goals/resolutions, the co-founder of an eco-friendly lifestyle company.

I am currently learning Japanese, Graphic Design and Entrepreneurship. So the articles will be mainly written on those topics. But the learning methods can be applied to different fields. I hope you will find them useful.

You are more than welcome to share with me what you are learning and how you overcome the obstacles. 🙂

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