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It’s Saturday again. I cannot believe another week had gone by. Today’s thinking tool is thinking in cycle. We’ve heard time and time again that “life is a rollercoaster.” But what’s the difference between you riding on a rollercoaster and you living your life? The difference lies in who’s in control. And we all know this, we are.

When we are on a rollercoaster, we have no control. We fasten our seatbelts, and we let go. The rollercoaster will reach its programmed destination whether we like it or not. But in real life, especially when we feel like we’ve reached the bottom, we will not move any further if we choose to stop. The rollercoaster of my life will literally stops, while others riding their ups and downs, laughing or crying.

When this happen, remember that we are in control of our rollercoasters. Remember that when we are down, our ups are still waiting for us. So don’t turn your engine off now. Keep looking for opportunities. If you are not sure about where to start, try the following prompts:

  • A good thing happened today:
  • I enjoy doing:
  • Someone said I am really good at:
  • I am grateful for:
  • I have:
  • I am able to:
  • I want to be:
  • I want to feel:

Start with simple questions, and leverage that positive energy to generate your inner power. You will be surprised how many good things you can do.

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