Start-up Journal 04 | Reaching out to manufacturers/suppliers

Are you afraid to make cold calls? I was nervous to make cold calls especially to potential suppliers. If you are wondering what to do/what to expect when reaching out to your suppliers, this post will give you answers.

1.Email. I love the inventor of email, whoever that is. Emails help us avoid some awkward moments by allowing us to craft our speech beforehand. Speaking of which, your inquiry email should include:

  • Who you are? (Intro about yourself and your company)
  • What you do? (Your company’s product lines)
  • Why you email? (Looking for suppliers, what do you expect from them.)
  • What’s next? (Ask for a quotation or suggest a meeting if you find that necessary)

That being said, emails can sometimes go to spam or rubbish bin, or simply ignored. In this case, you can call the other party. Actually, I prefer to call them before sending an email.

2. Call. Making cold call is scary, but it will be less so when you are prepared. Prepare your speech including all the elements listed in the previous dot points. And then dial the number. There, you’ve finished the most scary part.

In most cases, especially if you find the number on a web page, a receptionist will answer the call. Ask to speak to their salesperson or sales director. They will either transfer you right away or take your info and suggested to call you back. When you are with the right person, read your lines that you’ve prepared.

3. Walk-in. This is the last step. And you don’t have to do it until the first two options were proved unsuccessful. You will show that you are honestly and truly want to cooperate. Before you go, double check the location and opening time. If you decided to walk-in, the worst case scenario would be that you can’t meet the right person on that day.

I myself am going through the process. So believe me when I say I feel you. I share with you courage and support. We got this pals! 🙂

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