Thinking Tool Box | How to activate your brain for a better life

How many times have we heard someone or even ourselves saying “I want to xxx, but I just don’t know how to do it.” Or “I know what I am suppose to do, but the government/my wife/Accountant Karen said xxxx.” It seems like whoever said that have tried their best, while actually, there’s another way out.

That is, we can trick our brain to think. You see, when we tell ourselves the above statement, we are basically saying “I can’t do it because excuse 1,2,3&4”. And it shuts down our brain. Our brain is as lazy as we are. If there are chances they can lay back, they lay back. As time goes by our brain cells will think they are not valuable and they kill themselves. That’s how our brain shrinks.

To protect our brain, we can take it to gym. Give it a bit work out every day by asking the right question. It is as simple as that. Instead of saying “I don’t know.”, try the following:
– how can I know?
– where can I find answers to this question?
– who can I turn to for help?
Ask your brain open questions before jumping into a negative conclusion. To make the challenge more obvious, you can set it up like a video game. The next time you notice a tough problem, say this out loud:“Ding-Dong! Challenge time!” If you feel embarrassed, just say it in your head. Then ask your brain, now what am I gonna do to counter this? Once you ask the right question, it will serves as the destination you enter into your very own brain GPS navigation system, and it will figure out a way to take you there.

I hope you can reach your destination and your numerous destinations that come after. 🙂

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