Start-up Journal 12 | The worst part of starting up a business

To start with, I didn’t win a lottery despite the fact that I didn’t post anything for the past week. I am going through a little crisis – a potential co-founder left the team. While it is business as usual, I couldn’t help but question the feasibility of this whole thing. And the worst part of it all, is the feeling of loneliness.

It sounds heroic when someone tells you that she’s a one-woman-start-up-team. The ideology behind that phrase triggers the imagination of one woman reach her success after life-changing incidence, usually romantic ones as pictured in the big pictures. But in the real life? Hell it is stressful.

As the saying goes, the more you know, the greater your contact is with your unknowns. This is exactly what I’m feeling now. Yes, I can learn them all along my journey. But if there’s anything I wished I could known before I start, it would be the financial literacy regards to running a company and company legal policies, i.e. constitution. In other words, the rules – both legally and financially.

How to tackles the weaknesses? Solution 1: hire professionals and schedule regular meetings with them; Solution 2: learn as many as possible yourself; Solution 3: leverage resources that you can get your hands on, such as friends, start-up hubs, local government education programs…

This is a painful process but you are not alone out there. Good luck to us all.

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