Start-up Journal 09 | Setting up a functional operation system

System is so important that when designed well, it can save you from tons of troubles.

So what does a good operation system consist of?

A. Planning
Plan your operation goals on Monday. Companies have morning meetings on Monday for a reason. Use Monday as a start sign to revalue our situation and come up with a more suitable plan. Make this a habit that aligning every team members goals on Monday for the common good of your business.

B. Implementation
In the days follow, keep track of the progress of each operation sector. If your team is more than yourself, offer help when your teammate/s need/s it. If you are on a one-man show, like me, you can set up a mind map template and document the progress of each sector every day. Compare the mind map between the current week and that of the last week. It will give you a good guide of where you are going.

C. Reflection
On Friday, the last day of the normal work week, reflect on the progress/set back in the week just past. Share it with your teammates if you can, discuss together what lessons can you learn, what experience did you gain, where can you improve, etc.

Last piece of thought, stick to the system but upgrade it when your situation changes. Good luck to us.

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