How to learn a language fast but not painful

First of all, you cannot learn any language fast.

Hey, don’t go yet. Hear me out. You cannot learn any language in a couple of days. Even given a month time, this goal is still ambitious. But half year? It is possible.

My secret recipe of learning a language is that I will turn it into my own experience. The most used experience take forms in songs, movies, shows, videos and even social media hashtags.

Here is what I will do:

1. Songs. First, I pick one favourite song and play it on loop till I know the melody. Second, I learn the lyrics. When I come to words I don’t know, I will play the song at a super slow pace to catch that pronunciation. Repeat the steps until I know the lyrics. Third, I will listen to the song after two days. And this time I will pay attention to the part I miss, which means I forget. This reminds me to learn that part again. Repeat the same methods after a month, if you can remember all the lyrics, then it means you’ve learnt it. There are 80% of chance that you turned it into your long-term memory. If you miss some part of it, remind yourself again. No pressure.

This method can be applied to learning using movies or tv shows. Choose a clip of the movie or show, watch it for entertainment purpose first. Second, learn the subtitles. Third, test yourself by watching it again without subtitles.

2. YouTube videos. Pick a new learn word today, and search it on YouTube to see how real life YouTuber would use it. You will be entertained and also get a sense of how to use the word.

3. Social media hashtags. Whenever you post on social media, try incorporate the rendition of the language you are learning. This will not only explore your vocabulary in that language but also boost your audience.

Happy learning. 🙂

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