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We face so many options. From the time we open our eyes, we start making decisions. They can be small, like “what to wear”, they can also be big, like “should I suggest my partner to take that deal?” They have one thing in common, that they are up to us. We, can choose. So it is time to train our brain to make a better choice.

Consider you are the one who’s reliving Groundhog Day, or the day on the bus in Reset if you’re Chinese, (by the way I strongly recommend the show even if you’re not Chinese, there are English subbed version on YouTube), you would face the exact same problems everyday. What would you do? Fight or Flight? Remain a victim or learn to be brave and solve problems?

I will probably choose the moral answer, “of course I will fight, what are you talking about,” if I know someone is watching. But if I was in that situation myself, I am not sure how will I truly react. I am certain on one thing though, usually it is not the action I will take that scares me and prevents me from doing it, but the worrying thoughts before I take any actions. I burden myself with the thoughts without even doing anything. And in most cases, the worrying things in my head will not happen.

So next time when we realise we are caught in that worrying-without-doing-anything zoom again, trick our brains to think as the following: It’s my own life movie. I got this reset button, if this time, I decide to do A but I didn’t like the results, I can push the reset button and always return to choose again.

“It is not that easy! You got to live with the consequences.” I hear you. “It is not that easy!” No it is not easy at all. That’s why we need to practise everyday or even every moment, when you find yourself in that situation, say it out loud, point it out to yourself that “here it is! Another chance for me to decide and I can make the choice.” Second, yes, we will live with the consequences, but in most cases, the bad consequences in our head won’t happen. Besides, we have the power to overcome the difficulties.

I believe in myself and I believe in you too.

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