Do this today and you can hold your head high when you are back in office on Monday

Seize today, the last day of this week, and the beginning of the new one, to reprogram your system and design a better version of you.

Whether you want to spend less time building connection but close more deals, finish that god-dame project that you’ve been working on for a month, or simply get the promotion and pay-raise you long deserve. Do this today, then walk into that office with your head held up high.

So what’s this powerful tool? I call it reprogram your system.

Before we start, let’s set a common ground that we are the creature of our habits. And habits are a series of chain system. One will easily lead to the other, no matter how small it is. The first one brings energy that helps to build up the next one. For example, a simple action of tidy up your bed sends a signal to your brain that “you got this” and this energy will generate the next small thing in your day. Maybe it is brushing your teeth or drinking a glass of water. (Autonomic Habits explains this better. )

There are three steps to complet the reprogram process.

First, acknowledge your current system. Think back of this week, list out the norms, accomplishments and things you could do differently.

Second, analyse them. Try the following questions.

For the norms:

  • How many time do you need to finish them?
  • Are they all necessary? Or can they be bundled/removed/replaced?
  • Which one can be improved and how?

For the accomplishments:

  • How did you achieve them?
  • How long did you take to achieve?
  • What preparation did you do?
  • What happen during the course? Any difficulties?
  • How did you solve them?
  • What else would you wish to do differently?

To improve:

  • Look again at the analyse you made in the previous session, what you can do or cannot do to contribute to the solutions of problems?
  • Which factors are caused by the things you cannot control?
  • Which factors are caused by a man-made decisions?
  • What lead you to that decision? And which key reason behind that ideology?
  • Can you solve it next time? If not, who and where can you look to for help?
  • Are there any skills you can build up yourself for long-term benefits?

That’s all for now. Good night, and good morning to the new you tomorrow. Have a wonderful week.

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