Saturday Vibes| Drawing, music and chill

Watercolour pencil. Practise materials by Lois van Baarle

Good weather today. Blue sky. Bright sunlight, which is rare during this rainy summer in Sydney.

Not feeling going outdoor today though. After lying in bed for about an hour, I finally got myself out of bed and went straight to drawing.

It has been a long week. Plans always change and now the team reached a plateau where we feel like we are going nowhere. A big shout out to my fellow start-up people here, hang in there! If you feel like you are in the same situation like me, I invite you to have this little drawing session with me. It doesn’t have to be a particular type of drawing. Even doodles or just colouring the whole page with one or two colours will help release the stress.

While you are here. Put on your favorite music. Reward yourself with this 2-hours stress-free time.

Alright, just a short reminder here. Doodle and relax. Have a nice weekend.

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