Meditation | A power tool to boost your day

Dreams reveal our deepest feelings. There are days we woke up feeling tired, cranky or feared, and we got confused: I haven’t done anything yet. Even when we don’t remember our dreams, chances are our subconscious do, and so do our body.

To start my day, I conducted Jim Kwik’s morning routine of remembering dreams and meditation. The former helps me to know myself better. I can observe myself from a different perspective and therefore I begin to notice where the source of my feelings come from.

With that in mind, I use meditation to go back to the source to heal, empower myself and let go of the parts that I can’t control. If this sounds like something you want to try, here are some practical meditation tips.

  1. Choose a theme for the day. If you feel fear, “brave” could be the key word you are looking for. If you need some strength that day, maybe it is the first day of your new job, or you are moving to a new city, “stronge” could be the word that shout in your head. If you are mentally exhausted, your heart may find “relax” comforting. You get the idea.
  2. Easy start. Meditation usually holds the image of a monk siting still for hours. But it doesn’t need to be in a particular posture or a particular long session. Start the journey with a 5-mins session, you or even 3-mins ones. When you get used to the process, slowly train your brain to take a longer session.
  • 3. It doesn’t need to be a cross-legged posture. You can sit on a chair, a sofa, or the ground, as long as you feel comfortable with it. I only lie on my bed meditating when I try to sleep. So, if you are just starting your day, I would suggest you meditate sitting up. 😉 And do you know, many yoga session incorporate minor meditation. If you can’t stand sitting on a spot doing nothing, these kind of yoga might be a good way-out. YogawithAdriene on YouTube has always been my favourite.
  • 4. Don’t blame yourself when you “just can’t get in the zoom.” It’s perfectly normal. My mind got distracted all the time. After I notice this, I gently tell it to come back and count the seconds when I breath in and out. Every reminder we send to our brains is a signal to our mind that “I can do it.” As time goes by, this energy will accumulate within you and gives you strength.

So this concludes my sharing on meditation today. I would love to hear your stories of meditation, how you got into it, how do you like it, did anything funny happen when you meditate (maybe when you are practicing outdoors)?

3 thoughts on “Meditation | A power tool to boost your day

  1. Amazing article! ☺️

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    1. Thank you! Share the good energy with you!!

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