11 Fun Things to Do During Lockdown Other Than Watching Netflix

Don’t say that you are bored. Guess what? It’ll only gets more boring, and the sooner you learn that it is on you to make your own life interesting, the better off you will be. ”

——Where’d You Go, Bernadette

We all have that “BORED” moment, especially during lockdown. If you are tired of it, here are 11 ideas that will boost your creativity. You might make a small fortune by doing some of them. Enjoy!

1.Write a letter to yourself using your left hand (use your right hand if you are left-handed)

2.Open your photo album and pick the 5th one out. Now congratulation, this picture just won a photo contest, it is time for you to show the world why this picutre shines, what would you say?

3.Put all your coins on your table and look for mint-made errors or just look for rare coins (you might make a small fortune out of it)

4.Re-arrange your furniture

5.Recite the lyric of a rap song (this is just for fun)

6.Find out how many products in your house are made in China (you will be surprised)

7.You are invited to the “Kaboompak” party. Now dress up and open the winde you are saving for special occasion

8.Draw yourself some flowers and put them in a vase

9.Fill a jar with clean water, then drop colorful ink/paint in it, see the colors spread or quickly put a tissue inside and pull out, see the colour effect on the tissue.

10. Open your fridge, pick the first five ingredients you see and try to make a meal using them.

11. Read this listical and try out the above 10 things.

Now you have it. Try new things out and comment to let me know how you go with it. Have a good one!

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