If there’s a silver lining to the pandemic we are going through, it might be the realization that we don’t have to work on a specific location at a specific time for a specific someone. In light of this, maybe you have thought about creating something for yourself, starting a side hustle or, to be more specific, blogging. The following three questions will help you kick start your blogging career.

  1. What are you interested in?

Anyone can talk/write about the subject that they are genuinely interested in it. Let me explain it with a story. My friend Paul is a guitarist. The first impression many people have on him is that he never speak more than three sentences. However, he can talk about guitar and music on and on and on. In the same manner, we will find it easier to write about the topic that we love. The more interested we are in one topic, the more time we will spend on it. You might have also found out that your advantage/strengthen often relates to your interests. If you are not sure what it is, you can start looking for the following: a. Hobbies you keep; b. People’s comments, like what you are good at? c. Topics you want to share with others…

2.What are your audience interested in?

Now you know what you are interested in. You need to find out what are your audience want to hear about. Find out the overlaps between those aspects and you can find your niche. For example, I enjoy taking pictures of the sky. But the pictures alone can be a bit dry for my audience. Now I can spice it up by adding exotic or imaginative elements to the pictures, or editing multiplying pictures into a vlog. The big question is, how do I know what my audience like? I don’t know. But I can test out by monitoring the traffic or whatever data I have, be it likes, comments or reposts. It takes time to get to know your audience. Be patient.

3.What are your goals?

Setting reasonable goals is the key to keep you going. Be specific, how many times do I post a week? What time should I post? How many views am I aiming for next quarter? Pay attention to the traffic of your site and adjust accordingly. If your content is post to social media such as tiktok, follow the creation guidance of the platform, it will boost your views significantly. If the results are worse than you expect, change your strategies and plans, but don’t change your goals.

If you find this article inspiring or helpful in any way, please don’t hesitate to share it with others. You are welcome to leave a comment below. Your comment might help others in need. Good luck and happy blogging!

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